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Resisting and Evading Arrest

If you knowingly try to avoid arrest or flee from a police officer, you can be charged with resisting or evading arrest. In some states, these crimes can be charged as anything from a class A misdemeanor to a second degree felony. It is important to understand the broad definitions of these crimes so that you do not accidentally resist or evade arrest.First, resisting includes preventing the arrest, search, or transportation of a criminal. Normally, this crime constitutes a class A misdemeanor in most states. Examples of resisting arrest include threatening the arresting officer, struggling against an officer who is...

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Interview With The Hard Hitting Harvard Lineman Turned Oil & Gas Fraud Attorney, Mitch Little

Thanks Mitch for taking the time out of your busy schedule, would you mind telling our readers a little bit about your practice and background? I am an associate with the law firm of Scheef & Stone, LLP in Dallas, Texas. I practice commercial litigation, and a large part of my practice is devoted to oil and gas and securities fraud. I graduated from Harvard University with Bachelor's degree in Government and received my law degree from the University of Texas. I have first-chair trial experience and have a good track record of...

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Juvenile Crimes

If an individual is accused of a crime when they are under the age of 18, they will most likely be tried as a minor. They will be subject to different rules and procedures than an adult offender, but accusations are still just as serious. If your child or someone you care about has been detained for a crime, it is in your best interests to know everything possible about the charges, penalties, and legal procedures you will be facing. It is also in your best interests to have a legal representative on your side who has experience in juvenile...

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Admissibility of Non-Use of a Seat Belt in Texas Car Accident Cases

The Texas Supreme Court has granted review of a case regarding the admissibility of the non-use of seat belts in a trial of an auto accident case. The case involved an accident in which the driver and passengers were seriously injured a collision with a semi-truck. The driver and passengers were not wearing seat belts. The trial court ruled that the plaintiffs' non-use of the seat belts was admissible in evidence. Not surprisingly, the injured plaintiffs lost the case when the jury found that the plaintiffs' negligence for not wearing safety belts overcame the negligence of the truck driver in...

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Accessory Vs Conspiracy

If you are involved in the perpetration of a crime, you can can still be charged with committing an illegal act. Depending on the extent of your involvement, you can be accused of aiding and abetting, also called accessory, or the crime of conspiracy. Either way, this is a serious charge that you should not take lightly.First, aiding and abetting means that you are do not actually participate in the main illegal act. Instead, you help with the perpetration of the crime. Of course, the main requirement of aiding and abetting is actually knowing that you are helping with a...

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Traffic Ticket Lawyer – How He Can Help You

Those of you who have been charged with traffic cases often fear about the traumatic time that lies ahead. Whenever a police officer charges you with a traffic case, it does not mean at all that you will be convicted. In these difficult moments, a traffic ticket lawyer can be at your help. His guidance and advice will lessen the impact of a traffic case to a considerable extent, if not eliminate the impact at all. A traffic ticket lawyer will help you to successfully defend the case and quite often you need not appear in the court either. The...

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Online Sweepstakes, Games, & Contests: Navigating Legal Issues and Pitfalls

Online sweepstakes, games, and contests have become increasingly popular thanks to the widespread use of social media and iOS applications. Companies, however, often overlook the need to include proper documentation and guidelines required by state or federal laws and regulations. Moreover, today's new technology often allows for web / app users to submit cloned entries or otherwise circumvent online rules. Likewise, the collection of personal information for sweepstakes, online games, and contests may trigger a variety of entirely different legal issues, often unbeknownst to the host company. Care should be taken before launching new...

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Common Laws on Boating Under the Influence

Boating on a lake, river, or in the ocean can be a very fun and relaxing activity for the whole family. However, it is important to be aware that the act of boating has a number of laws, restrictions and regulations that apply to boat operators similar to the laws influencing the operation of cars and trucks. This includes laws prohibiting the operation of a boating vehicle while intoxicated. Boating under the influence (BUI) and boating while intoxicated (BWI) are serious criminal offenses that can result in serious legal consequences for those accused.BUI/BWI LawsNo matter what boating craft you are...

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12 eCommerce Legal Issues to Consider in Operating an Online Business

The following article provides a high-level summary of some key eCommerce law issues online business operators face in running a website or other eCommerce business. Conducting business online or maintaining a website may subject companies and individuals to unforeseen legal liabilities. The following is a brief survey of 12 key eCommerce law issues to consider: 1. Internet Business & eCommerce A good starting point is analyzing a company's online presence and auditing their procedures to determine how to grow their brand and online influence. As part of this, the company's agreements...

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Criminal Defense Attorney – The History

The related concepts of crime and law have a long history out of which has emerged a variety of legal systems and juridical forms that necessitate the existence lawyers. Lawyers are a highly trained professional class that is concerned with the study and practice of law, and a criminal defense attorney deals with law that concerns crime.Specifically, a criminal defense attorney defends those who have been accused of a criminal offense. A criminal defense attorney prepares a case in an attempt to protect their clients' civil liberties and have them declared not guilty. In lieu of that, a criminal defense...

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