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Texas Drug Charges

State Drug charges in the State of Texas can be very serious.  The penalty for drug offenses range from a Class B Misdemeanor to a First-Degree Felony. Depending on the penalty, the punishment and the fine will vary. It is essential that a person charged with a drug offense hire an attorney as soon as the person knows that either they are under investigation, have a warrant out against them, or charges have been filed.  Waiting to hire a criminal defense attorney could affect the result of the person’s case. A conviction for drug offenses in the State of Texas...

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A Bronx Criminal Lawyer’s Guide – The Path From Arrest to Arraignment in Bronx County, New York

There is a commonly held belief amongst lawyers, as well as the general public, that all criminal matters initiating with an arrest somewhere in the United States, follow some precise, consistent, and direct trail leading to formal court proceedings. This, unfortunately, is far from reality. There are many factors which have an important impact on the process following an arrest. These factors include, but are not limited to, the location where the person was arrested, the availability of a nearby operating judicial center, access to legal counsel, the availability of prosecutors, court clerks, stenographers, computer systems, and many other elements...

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A Conservative View of Incarceration Reform

I am pretty tough on the left wing in my approach to incarceration reform, because the fight against "mass incarceration" usually takes on a socialistic, victim-oriented approach. I will try to even things up a bit. Even though I am a lonely conservative prison reform advocate, I will now take the right wing to task on the issues of criminal punishment and incarceration. Before doing so, I'd like to point out that the liberal versus conservative balancing act is not evenly arrayed on the issue of what to do with convicted criminals. Many folks who are liberal on other issues...

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Si usted ha sido contactado por la policía o sabe que tiene una orden judicial en su contra, es primordial que se comunique con un abogado con experiencia en defensa penal de inmediato. No entreviste o responda preguntas hasta que su abogado le haya aconsejado que lo haga. Una condena por cargos estatales o federales puede afectar su futuro y causarle consecuencias de por vida. Conozca sus derechos y asegúrese de que sus derechos sean protegidos. Comuníquese con Alexandria Cazares-Perez para una consulta gratuita - (214)635-3509. ...

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Facing Criminal Charges?

If you have been contacted by law enforcement or know that you have a warrant against you, it is essential that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.  Do not interview or answer questions until your attorney has advised you to do so.  A conviction for State or federal charges may negatively affect your future and cause you lifetime consequences. Know your rights and make sure your rights are being protected.  Contact Alexandria Cazares-Perez for a free consultation - (214)635-3509. Hablamos Español. ...

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White-Collar Laws Are Best Understood by White-Collar Criminal Attorneys

White-collar laws and crimes differ a lot from any other laws or crimes which you may face. White-collar crimes are not violent and are usually performed by people who have a public office. This kind of crime can also be performed by a business which is using deception to commit the crime. The victim of such crimes might may not be able to understand what has happened even after the case, never mind getting justice for. In such cases it is best to hire a white-collar attorney.There's no violence. There is no weapons.Generally speaking the crimes which we call white...

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How Does the Law Define Self Defense?

The metaphorical lines drawn between self-defense and assault are blurred for most people. Many debate the limits and permission of self-defense, with interpretations ranging from liberal to conservative. But regardless of common belief or misconceptions, it is the law and only the law that dictates the rules of self-defense. Continue reading to learn the true meaning of self-defense.Self-Defense LawDepending on which state you live in, the laws surrounding self-defense may vary. But ultimately, the basic rules are relatively the same across the board. For instance, Indiana legislation recognizes that citizens have the right to protect their home against unlawful intrusion,...

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Arrested Without Evidence?

Law enforcement authorities across the United States are granted special powers enabling them to fight crime. Some of these powers are granted by the federal, state, and local Legislatures. Individual departments associated with law enforcement may have their own set of rules and regulations upon which the law is enforced. It is the Courts, however, that must interprete the law, and issue guidlines as to what is, or is not, permissible.Police departments rely heavily on their ability to investigate, and stop crime in its early stages. One of the primary tools used by law enforcement officers in pursuit of this...

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Motive and Opportunity: Are They Necessary to Prove Murder?

When someone is charged with murder, it is often heard that they had "the motive and the opportunity" to commit the crime. The prosecuting attorney may use this argument in court. If the case is reported, the media will undoubtedly echo those words. The defense may argue an absence of motive or opportunity as part of its defense. But are motive and opportunity required to convict?Every crime has what are called elements. The elements of the crime are what must be proven to find the defendant guilty. For example, to convict a defendant of murder, the prosecution must prove the...

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Gang Stalking Laws and the Steps You Must Take to Prove Your Case in Court

Is gang stalking prohibited under law? Yes, it may not be spelled out as "gang stalking" per se but the methods and tactics perpetrators use against their victims or targets is not allowed by law.Please find various laws that gang stalkers violate. This information is not offered as legal or prescriptive advice and you need to check your local laws for specificity. Your state statutes should provide similar provisions as the ones provided herein.1. Federal RICO law - 18 USC Chapter 96 if racketeering is involved; there must be some sort of enterprise, system or group of people, who conduct...

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