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8:07 AM – Beer, Hot Girls And Hot Tubs – What More Could A Guy Ask For?

The city of Longview, Texas, is a Located off Interstate 20, a little over a hundred miles east of Dallas. It's a town of about 70,000 people, and lately a lot of them have been talking about what is going on at a local business called Don's Fly Thru Beer Barn.You see, Don had a problem. His business requires folks to sit in their car and drive through a long garage-like building where customers can buy beer without getting out of their car. But when traffic got backed up a bit, people were getting impatient and driving...

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John Dillinger Belongings Head to Auction Block

Mike Thompson vividly remembers the knock. It was 1971 and he was a teenager."I opened the door and standing there was Rod Serling from 'The Twilight Zone' and another gentleman," Thompson says. "They were working on a documentary and they wanted to interview my mom. I invited them in. It was surreal."Thompson's mother was Frances Dillinger, the younger stepsister of notorious bank robber John Dillinger. Thompson telephoned his mom, but she was working and said she might not be able to break away. "Serling waited for a while, but they had to leave," Thompson says. "They couldn't wait."His mom's reaction...

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Wholesale House Flipping 65% Rule (The Big Myth)

This is my very first article. I am just now catching up to the internet world. I played professional golf most of my life, but have been an active real estate investor and wholesaler for around 22 years.I have contracted over 200 homes in that period of time. Most of those homes I have flipped to other investors / rehabbers and made a very quick and fairly easy profit. I have also kept many homes to rehab and retail out and many of them I kept for rental property, to build long term wealth.I have used several different exit strategies...

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What Is Integrated Marketing and Why Should I Care?

An integrated marketing agency can help you learn why you should care about their craft. It is a comprehensive approach to marketing that makes sure you have a consistent message across all types of channels and campaigns. The brand is the driver of the format, and that format is carried throughout, integrating every piece. This not only creates a strong brand image, but also allows each channel to support the next, creating an interconnected web of tools for the customer's experience.With the rise in the technology came numerous new ways to promote companies. Websites, social media, smart devices, mobile devices,...

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Why Litigation Is Nothing More Than A Business Tool – 26 Unbreakable Rules of Litigation!

From Bill Gates at the end of the last century to John D. Rockefeller at the end of the previous century; from Rick Scott, founder of Columbia Health Care, to AT&T: from Richard Branson and British Airlines to Dan Peña and The Financial Times; from government, banking, insurance and every other facet of world commerce - to grow geometrically and stay around, litigation must be (prudently) used and mastered.I will, as briefly as I can, memorialize the salient points of using litigation as a business tool.Now before I start, I want it on the record, some 50% of my 30-year...

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Pharmaceutical Shipping Preparation

You can not ship pharmaceutical products with just any courier. If you're shipping pharmaceuticals you're going to need to be familiar with all of the guidelines and regulations which are involved in their shipping, as well as knowing what steps to take in order to make sure that your product remains intact and useful to the customer. If you're looking to start shipping these kinds of products, the first thing that you're going to have to do is find a Dallas courier service that has all the proper licenses, but also who has the right equipment...

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Driver License Suspension – How an Insurance Or Subrogation Company Can Suspend Your Texas License

If you have a Texas Driver License and somebody has called you or sent you a letter threatening the suspension of your driver license over an auto accident, it is highly possible that it could actually happen, but it is just as probable that the person making the threat doesn't actually understand the rules as they apply in Texas. Only the Texas Department of Public Safety can suspend your driver license (and the DPS doesn't call people to advise of a pending suspension, they will send a written notice). What an individual, insurance, or subrogation company can do is request...

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Discuss the Factors Which Influence a Person’s Migrability

An individual's migratability refers to how likely, or the probability they are to migrate. There are a few prominent factors that influence this decision.One main factor is that of distance. Ravenstein's distance-decay law states that as the destination country's distance from the home country increases, the less likely someone will migrate due to unfamiliarity of a completely foreign environment, culture, way of life and even problems of assimilation and psychic costs. research has proven that over half of immigrants in America come from neighboring Mexico which is only a 3000 km long border away, while minorities of Mexican migrants go...

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Business Not As Usual

Do you ever think your business may be stuck in ruts; your success wheels carved in the road years and years ago? The law of primacy tells us, "What you learn first you remember longest." Do you think you may be trapped by what you learned long ago in school or when you first started your business?Except for some exceptional face-to-face meetings I conduct my entire business on the Internet and have done so for several years. I keep outside meetings to a minimum and they are usually with people not comfortable with doing business from a distance. I can...

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How-To Design Window Signs For Your Dental Office

Dental offices face an incredible amount of competition. Well-established dental offices don't have to advertise, as patient referrals and established clients bring in sufficient business. New offices, or ones that are expanding, however, depend on advertising to generate new business. Using traditional advertising venues like the media and billboards can become incredibly-expensive over time. To be successful, you don't necessarily have to aim that big-custom window signs can generate just as much attention for a fraction of the price. It all depends on the design, however, so here are some great tips to help you design perfect dental office window...

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