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If you have been contacted by law enforcement or know that you have a warrant against you, it is essential that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.  Do not interview or answer questions until your attorney has advised you to do so. A conviction for federal charges may negatively affect your future and cause you lifetime consequences. Know your rights and make sure your rights are being protected.  Contact Alexandria Cazares-Perez for a free consultation.



Federal Drug trafficking charges are serious offenses.  A drug trafficking charge requires that the government prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the attempted to transport, transported, or conspire to transport a controlled substance. The law prohibits illegal drugs from being imported, exported, distributed, or manufactured. 



If the defendant acquired the proceeds from a specific activity that was unlawful, and that the defendant used those proceeds to engage in a financial transaction, either domestically or internationally.  



A conspiracy charge requires the government to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an agreement between two or more persons existed to achieve a common objective, that the objective of the agreement was illegal, that there was knowing and voluntary participation, and that at least one person acted on that agreement.



A possession or receipt of a firearm or ammunition charge requires that the government prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused possessed or was in receipt of the firearm or ammunition, that the accused was prohibited from possessing or receiving a firearm or ammunition, and that the firearm or ammunition traveled across a Stateline or came from a foreign country at any time.



Although the elements of embezzlement vary depending on the statutory authority, an embezzlement charge requires that the government prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.



The government takes healthcare fraud accusations very seriously. Such accusations can lead to severe consequences such as civil and/or criminal legal actions and the loss of your license if you are a physician. 

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