Theft Charges

A person may face theft charges if the person unlawfully takes property with intent to deprive the owner of such property. The penalty for theft charges will depend on the value of the property taken. The penalty for when a person is charged with a state theft offense is as follows:


Class C Misdemeanor

Class B Misdemeanor

Class A Misdemeanor

State Jail Felony

3rd Degree Felony

2nd Degree Felony

1st Degree Felony


< $100.00

$100.00 – $750.00

$750 – $2,500.00

$2,500 – $30,000.00

$30,000.00 – $150,000.00

$150,000.00 – $300,000.00

$300,000.00 +

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*POSSIBLE PUNISHMENT INCREASE DUE TO CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC- If an offense of assault, robbery, burglary or theft is committed within an area subject to a declaration of disaster or an emergency evacuation order, the punishment is increased to the punishment prescribed for the next highest category of offense. See Tex. Penal Code §12.50.

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